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Renowned Survival Expert Scott Becker


In this FREE Content-Packed Video Training Series You’ll Learn:


  • 3 Danger Categories You Need to Understand
  • Think a Bug Out Bag is Enough? Think Again!
  • Why a Bug Out Survival Strategy is Essential to Maximizing Your (and your family’s) Survival
  • Learn the PLS4 System, and How it Simplifies your Strategic Planning
  • The T.A.G.S Bug Out Survival Strategy Framework
  • 6 Tactical-Level Application Areas of the T.A.G.S Framework
  • How this System Evolved from Scott’s Extensive Training and Experience including: SAR (Search and Rescue) Emergency Medicine, Law Enforcement SWAT, Extreme Homesteading, and more…
  • Myth #1: the Lone Wolf problem
  • Myth #2: the Mountain Man myth
  • Mistake #1: No Go Triggers (and How to Fix It)
  • Mistake #2: Your Bug Out Bag is Too Big (see how you measure up!)
  • And Much More, just as you’ve come to expect from Scott!

“Don’t Make These Mistakes!”

scott_becker_profile_pic_1-150x150“I created this 3 part bugout survival video training to give you the knowledge and strategies I’ve learned the hard way, to help you maximize your (and your family’s) survivability. These groundbreaking strategies are revolutionary and I’ve never shared them like this before. Right now you can snag them for free! So start watching before they are gone. Enjoy!”

- Scott Becker


“Wow. I’d forgotten how paralyzed I was at first and how much your videos helped clam (calm) me down and keep me focused… Thanks again!”
- Matt


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