First Cover Art for New Book: The 1 Hour Bug Out Bag

Sneak Peak at our next book!
Just got the first cover art back for the book I’m currently writing.
Not thrilled, but it is challenging trying to balance all the (often) competing needs in a book cover.

Never knew so much went into the cover… :)

Anyway, you’re getting the first glimpse- I’m writing while they work on the cover. And hopefully both will get better! ;)

The 1 Hour Bug Out Bag Book Cover mk1

First cover art for the new book from Scott Becker: The 1 Hour Bug Out Bag

Oh, and the full title (as of now) is:

The 1 Hour Bug Out Bag; Be Prepared to Escape with this Radical New System that Shows You Step-By-Step How To Build Your Perfect Bug Out Bag Fast!

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